Gold and Silver Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Holland Jewelers in Press

Shore Living Magazine, June/July 2011, Vol. 20, #2

Jewelry brings beauty into our lives and helps us to celebrate special occasions and to make the everyday less ordinary. From a simple gold chain to a dazzling diamond ring, men and women around the world have sought after stones and metals to adorn themselves and their loved ones for centuries.

Holland Jewelers on Route 24 in Peddler's Village, has been owned an operated by J.C. Holland for nearly 21 years. Holland is a 1989 graduate of the Gemological Institute of America as both a Jeweler and a Gemologist. He served In Residence at the GIA Institute in California and earned a Graduate diploma in diamonds. Holland maintains the highest certification that can be achieved in the jewelry industry and that level of attention to quality shows through in his work each day.

"I pay attention to details," says J.C. Holland, "I like to work with my hands and always have since a young age. I also believe in treating people the way they like to be treated." Combining that with his knowledge and skills of craftsmanship, Holland has been able to build relationships that have kept customers coming back year after year to Holland Jewelers.

Holland Jewelers, a family owned and operated business, originally started just off Route 1 in the 1980s and moved into downtown Rehoboth until just 4 years ago. "We made the move to maximize our storefront and workspace, but also to make it easy on our local clients. People sometimes worry that we moved far away when we left downtown Rehoboth, but here we are just three miles from Route 1 down Route 24. It's easy to get to with less traffic and has ample parking," remarks Holland.

Holland Jewelers offers customers fine jewelry, appraisals, repairs, and custom designs that are one-of–a-kind pieces of art. All work is done on the premises. "This means your beloved piece of jewelry never gets sent out for repairs and never goes through the mail," says Holland.

Holland Jewelers houses state of the art equipment on the premises. "Our laser jewelry welder allows me to do so many repairs and projects that were not possible with a traditional jeweler's torch. I can do fragile stones and not have to remove the stone itself from the setting, minimizing the risk of re-setting the stone. The laser doesn't require the use of solder so you are getting your original piece repaired using the original structure itself," says Holland. "We can even do things like eye glasses and costume jewelry, things we couldn't touch before because the high temperatures would have melted or damaged the item. It really allows me to offer the best job at the best price. We're really set up to service all kinds of customers with all sizes of budgets," says Holland. Because they are a small business, doesn't mean that they can't offer big stones or high end pieces. Holland Jewelers caters to all people and can offer them individualized attention, from the $35,000 engagement ring to the $125 charm bracelet. "We do these things routinely. We like to help people learn about what they are looking at so that they can make the best decision. Not only do we then help them make a good selection, but we follow that up with service after the sale as well."

Holland Jewelers recommends that their customers take advantage of their free cleaning and inspection service. "We tell them to get their jewelry checked every three to six months, more often if the piece is showing signs of wear. That way we can tell them if we see a problem before it is too late. It's always such a sad thing when a customer has lost a stone or a piece of jewelry, so we try to educate our customers to prevent that from happening," Holland relates.

The jewelry cases at Holland Jewelers are filled with gorgeous items, from pearls with a high, shiny nacre to glittering gold chains, crosses, bracelets and charms. You'll also find colored gemstones from around the world in settings like rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. You can even find Estate items here, like watches, pins, and rings. In the Spring and Summer months, Holland Jewelers sees customers coming in seeking graduation gifts, wedding and engagement rings, and Mother's and Father's Day gifts. Consider giving your grad a string of pearls or a Rembrant Charm to celebrate their accomplishment. Mom may like a "Mother's Ring" which features a birthstone – a special colored stone associated with the month of a child's birth—one stone for each child is featured in the setting. Dad will appreciate a new Citizen watch to help mark the occasion of Father's Day as a thank you for all the time he spends in support of his family.

When a customer comes in seeking an engagement ring, this is truly the start of two special relationships. The first, of course, is the relationship that will start with the happy couple. The other is a new relationship with Holland Jewelers!

"We actually start out by not trying to sell the customer anything," says Holland, "We believe that to help the person seeking an engagement ring to get started we need to help them make a good selection based on several factors, but not just the price. We will ask a lot of questions, like 'What shape stone do you like?' and we want to find out how much they know about the purchase they are considering. From there, we then teach them about the stones and the "Four C's" of cut, color, clarity and carat. We may give them our opinions and recommendations, but in the end we want the customer to be knowledgeable about their purchase and to feel good about the choice they make. This is how we have built repeat customers over the years."